Motion Graphics and Portland

That's what your support has meant for the project so far--motion graphics and Portland!

Right now I am sitting in an edit suite making animated title cards with an extremely talented motion graphic designer. Thanks to the generous support we have already received during the pre-launch party we are able to work with this artist to finalize our trailer before we launch the Kickstarter campaign and really bring this project out into the open. Thank you!

We are almost 75% to our pre-launch funding goal. If you have ever done fund raising you know it takes a lot of energy. We're setting things up and getting ready to raise even more during the month of September. If you could help us meet our pre-launch goal of $3,286 by this weekend we can get back to focusing on the editing, interview prep, and Kickstarter set-up we need to do before our September launch.

Next week we're slated to have our first expert interview in Portland. We are working to finalize interview questions and gathering our equipment. I'm so excited to meet Judith Pence Rooks. If you aren't familiar with her work, she is the author of "Midwifery and Childbirth in America." It's a wonderful resource for anyone with an interest the history of midwifery in the US and the evolution of childbirth in our culture. As a certified nurse midwife and researcher she has a wealth of expertise to share. Thanks to your support, we'll be with her in less than a week!