Gnome for the Holidays

This fall was so full of work and travel for the Why Not Home? team. I'm pretty sure I speak for everyone when I say we're feeling happy to be home for the holidays. 

Last week we spent 26 hours in Denver on our last shoot of the year. The family we spent the day with had this lovely little guy on their porch.

Sunday night, I copied over our footage to a new drive and sent it off to our editor in New York. It should arrive there the day after Christmas. 

This project has had many seasons and transitions already, but sending off the hard drive that night felt BIG. It's exciting to think about how the project will grow and change over the next 6 months.

Earlier this week on our Facebook page we asked followers what top 3 issues or questions they would like to see addressed in this film. If you'd like to weigh-in you still have time. Click here The responses so far have confirmed we're on the right track. 

For the next few days I'll be taking a break and celebrating this magical time of year with my family before starting the edit in January.

Merry Christmas! It's good to be home.