This afternoon I finished up my full day of clinic, picked up my children from daycare, came home and made dinner, fed the children, bathed the children, put them both to bed, hugged my husband when he got home, and settled in to work on my third job--this movie.

I'm fortunate to have the support of an ever expanding circle. There's no way I could do this without it. That support comes in many forms from playdates with the kids, invitations to dinner on a weeknight when I'm flying solo and haven't been to the store, to spreading the word with friends and colleagues, there are many layers to this support structure. Then there's are these women, the core team. I wouldn't be much of anywhere with this project without them.

Erin might kill me for sharing, but this is the screenshot I captured from our team meeting tonight after our collective 5 children were in bed (or close to it).

In case you're wondering, like Kelly, if I'm in my bra, the answer is no. That's actually a tank top and a bra. It's late, it's summer, I think I'm allowed.

Kelly, Erin and I have been working together every day in one way or another for the past 3 months. Before that it was at least a few times a week. I can't tell you the number of texts and e-mails exchanged between the three of us in a day. While working on the trailer, Kelly and I would stay up editing together until 11 or midnight every Monday night for, the only time we could work together and access the equipment we needed. From there I would go home to a nursing baby who woke up at least once in the night. 

Kelly and Erin have their first and second lives too. On top of mothering, Kelly is a private chef, and Erin is a photographer. No one is paying us for the additional hours we're putting in to this project, but we can't stop working on it. It compels us every day to keep going. The work doesn't stop.

I've invited them to start blogging here too. To share what this work means to them and what their process is surrounding it.

Leave us a comment and show your support. We love hearing how this work inspires and educates. It takes all kinds of support, so please give what you can.