Cool like Gene

Our interview with Dr. Gene Declercq, the initial reason for this whole trip, almost didn't happen this morning. Kelly and I arrived at his building at 8:30AM as planned, but when we called him to see about finding his office, he was still at home. He thought the interview was scheduled for 1:30PM. Our flight was leaving at noon. He apologized and said he would come as soon as possible. A car fire on the turnpike further delayed his arrival.

Thankfully a colleague of his let us into his office to set up and we ended up interviewing her while we waited. Her birth story and inspiration for research was worth sharing and an unexpected highlight of the day.

Dr. Declercq ultimately arrived in time for us to get a solid 45 minutes before we dashed off to the airport. Here he is indulging us in a photo op with our button. He felt so badly for being late he was willing to do anything.

If you want to be cool like Gene, go to Kickstarter, donate and leave a comment with your address and let me know you want a button. We'll send you your very own even before the end of the campaign. It's not listed as a reward, but we'll happily send you one so you can promote the project for the remainder of the campaign. You know you want one.

If you haven't watched Dr. Declercq's video, Birth by the Numbers, you should totally check it out