Twenty-Eight Weeks

I feel like I’m 28 weeks pregnant right now. I remember it clearly with both of my kids. I was far enough past the point of viability to feel a little more confident, but my baby and I still had a lot of growing to do.

In my prior life as a Pediatric ICU nurse I had seen the difference a few more weeks in utero could make and hoped my baby would make it to full term.

26 weeks pregnant with my son after a preterm labor scare.

26 weeks pregnant with my son after a preterm labor scare.

When people ask me right now how it’s going with the film I have some of those same feelings. I'm excited we've made it this far. The movie has all its parts and is watchable, but it will really benefit from a little more time and energy before it's ready to meet the world.

The third trimester can be uncomfortable. Sometimes it feels like you've been pregnant forever and everyone keeps asking when you’re due. But it’s a critical time for a growing baby and it’s a pretty crucial time in the gestation of a film too.

It’s going to take another $32,000 to pay current invoices, do the final edit, sound mix, and color correction. There, I put it out there, $32,000. Yikes!

The film is longer and covers more ground that I thought it would when we did our first Kickstarter campaign. We traveled more places and captured more stories. This has all made it a stronger film, but it made it more expensive too. 

If you’ve wanted to support but haven’t yet, now is a great time. A supporter on the East Coast has pledged MATCHING FUNDS for any money donated through the end of August to help us meet the goal for finishing. Support here and get a personal thank you. If you donate $35 or more we'll add you to the list of backers who will be among the first to get a digital download when it comes out. If you donate through IDA by clicking here, your donation is tax deductible.

We’re also starting to organize and pre-sell community screenings to help raise finishing funds and build the network that will get this film out to people who need to see it. Fill out the community screening form here and we’ll be in touch.

For everyone who is reading this and has already supported, thank you so much. Without your support we wouldn't be where we are today. We are so excited to share this film with you when its finished!