Images of Support

I met with the motion graphics artist a couple of weeks ago. We reviewed our list of animations together and sketched out some ideas. When we got to the end, he asked what I had in mind for the closing credits.

Photo Credit Erin Wrightsman

During our Kickstarter campaign, the $125 backer reward was one of your own images included in the film. We're working on a treatment of these images that conveys a feeling of broad and diverse support for women and families making informed choices about their birth.

Images that convey the kind of respect, trust, support, and love that every woman deserves during her pregnancy and birth.

I want the closing credits to feel like a chorus of supporters adding their voice through an image.

Photo Credit Erin Wrightsman

If you have an image you would like to share and you didn't get in on the Kickstarter reward, between now and Mother's Day when you donate $125 you can add your image* and support finishing funds. You'll also get a digital download of the film for personal use once it's finished. 


If you've been following our progress, you know post production is going to take longer and cost more than we initially hoped. We've applied for some grants, but so far nothing has materialized. We have a rough cut we feel good about, but there's still a lot of work before we have a locked picture. 

Our strongest support continues to be from the community of birth workers, women, and families with some connection to home birth.

If you are passionate about this work, please donate today and add your voice and your image of support. If you are already a supporter, please share with your network. The window closes on this offer Sunday May 10th. 

Thank you! 

*We will send electronic release forms once we have set the resolution and aspect ratio guidelines. You must have permission from everyone in the picture as well as the right to share the image with Why Not Home? We can't wait to see what you send us!