The State of Affairs

It's a hot Indian Summer day in Northern California. My family is at a pool party with friends right now and I'm at home on my computer. 

This is the image I just got via text.

This is the image I just got via text.

I'm following up with supporters and not-yet supporters, posting on social media, and writing blog posts. 

I got back from the Home Birth Summit 5 days ago and I still haven't unpacked.

I just did my first load of laundry in a month (we've had clean clothes thanks only to my husband).

My garden is overgrown and in need of attention.

My 17 month old is biting and I'm trying to convince myself it has nothing to do with how much I've been working.

I'm not baring all so you can feel bad for me, but because I want you to feel my reality right now and understand how much this project means to me.

I know I've never made a documentary film before. I don't have credits to show that I'll make good on your investment of support. What I do have is my character and my integrity.

I will finish this.

This project is important not only to me, but to hundreds of supporters with their own stories.

Nearly 600 people have said not only do they think this project is interesting, but they are going support it financially. Some have pledged $1 and one family pledged $15,000. 

If you believe this is important but you haven't supported, please add your voice. If you have already pledged, know that I hear you and I'm going to make a film you'll be proud to support. 

This kickstarter campaign only has 6 days left, but I'd love to reach our goal before Saturday.

Support today.

Don't make us wait 'till the last minute. I have a toddler on a skateboard to play with and a movie to make.