In late April, our team shot what we thought would be our Kickstarter pitch video. The goal at that time was to edit it with some B roll and launch a campaign in late July. It's August. I could tell you all the reasons that our Kickstarter campaign isn't live yet, but essentially we've been too busy working on the film. We attended (and filmed) two births. We filmed moms beforehand and did their postpartum follow-up. We've been honing the trailer, applying for fiscal sponsorship, and seeking out experts to finish out the film. We've been looking for an editor, searching for partners, building our social media outreach, and trying to keep up with our families and our day jobs. When we finally looked at the pitch video again, it no longer felt fresh or relevant. Things have shifted. So we did a second take, then a third. Now we're in the edit phase.

We don't want to do this half way. We have big goals and aspirations for this film. Exciting things are happening.  In the next 6 weeks we have 3 expert interviews scheduled. These are experts in maternal and child health with valuable information to contribute. They are also professionals with their own scheduling and time limitations. We need to get these interviews now, but to do that we have to travel. That means airfare and equipment. Even if we stay with friends and don't eat, we still need $2,586 in the next two weeks to secure these interviews.

We also have the opportunity to work with an animator on intro graphics for our trailer. This will cost another $800, and will give potential supporters a sense of what we want to do with graphics in the film and how their contributions will be used. 

I was excited when we launched the website with an easy way for people to donate. I thought in my naiveté, "We'll get lots of donations now." So far the site has raised only $200. I know there are more people who want to support this project. I've had dozens tell me they plan to donate and want to support, but they haven't--yet.

I imagine everyone is waiting for the big Kickstarter. That's how crowd funding is done. With the fun rewards, the deadline, the social media blitz, it's all very exciting, but we need support now.

Whatever we raise in the next two weeks, will be subtracted from our total fundraising goal on Kickstarter AND we won't pay any Kickstarter fees (they charge 5%). Donate now, regardless of the amount, and you get a special thanks in the credits. Yes, regardless of the amount. This is a limited time offer. We only have 2 weeks. Click that shiny golden donate button and help keep the momentum of this project going. I'll post updates so you know how we're doing. The offer is over when we reach the magic $3,286. Thank you!