Grandpa was born at home.

It's right there in the first line of his obituary. He was born at the home of his grandparents.

It's never something we talked about, but it was the norm for people of his generation. It's interesting that in such a relatively short time we have lost the cultural knowledge we used to have around birth at home. 

I never got to talk to him about this project. He was a farmer and a barber for most of his life. He always loved movies (though not documentaries). I think he would have been amused by the thought of his granddaughter making a movie. 

This morning we buried my grandfather on a sunny slope in rural Missouri. Tonight his body lays next to his wife under a blanket of fresh dirt and cut flowers.

Tomorrow I will travel back to California, to get back to work and life, but today I spent time remembering him and the time we had together.

It's been difficult to feel fully present here when the rest of the team is in California and there is so much work to do. We only have 21 days left to raise the remaining $61,670. 

If he knew what I was trying to do he would give me one of his sly smiles, a squeeze, and say, "Good luck, sis."