The Numbers Game

I’ve always liked math. The problem solving, the answer, it all appeals to me. This Kickstarter thing is a big numbers game. I spend time every day looking at the numbers.

  • What’s our total?
  • How many backers do we have?
  • At the current average pledge rate how many backers it’s going to take to reach our $86,000 goal?
  • What’s the average number of backers we need every day to get to that number?
  • How is that different from our current rate? 

In case you’re curious here’s how it looks today:

  • Total funds raised: $21,765 
  • Total number of backers: 157
  • Average pledge amount: $138
  • Total number of backers needed at that rate: 624
  • Remaining backers needed: 466
  • Days left in campaign: 24
  • Backers per day average needed: 19.4
  • Current backers per day average: 9.8

There’s no way to predict how this thing will play out.

Will we get a few big donors at the end? Will we get featured on Kickstarter and have a flood of small pledges? Will an influential media outlet pick up the story and propel us toward success?

I don’t know. I do know that every time we get another backer it gets us closer to the goal. Every time our backers share our story and engage people in their circles, it gets us closer to our goal.

I believe in this project and I believe in the people out there supporting it. With your help we will finish this campaign so we can finish this film.

I’m going to try not to obsess about the numbers, but it’s hard. I like numbers. I really like the number $86,000. Let’s get there soon.