5 Things Dads Say During Labor

There are plenty of posts out there about dumb things dad's say during labor, or advising dads what NOT to say, but the dads I've seen during labor with their partners have been pretty amazing. This is what they say:

  1. I'm here. It may seem like stating the obvious, but when mom is struggling deep in labor land sometimes it's a nice reminder. He is there. With a hand to hold, back support, a shoulder to lean on, great dads are there. 
  2. Breathe. This one might seem unnecessary too. We all breathe, but when things are really intense sometimes moms need a gentle reminder to release what they are holding on to breathe into what is coming.
  3. You can do it! Many moms get to a place where they feel like they can't do it. It's just too hard. It's never going to happen. Hearing affirmation from your partner that he believes in you makes a big difference. 
  4. You're doing great! This one is always true. She's is doing great. Even if she's exhausted, vomiting, and crying, she's still doing great and it's OK to tell her that. Labor is hard and she's doing it the best she can. 
  5. Push! Dads can hardly help themselves when it gets time to push. They are excited to meet their new baby too! They can't do the pushing, but they can cheer mama on to the finish line. 

Happy Father's Day to all the dads and dads to be! 

Grace and Mike  Image Credit: Erin Wrightsman

Grace and Mike

Image Credit: Erin Wrightsman