Running the Labyrinth

I love this girl. Carmen’s birth was the first home birth I witnessed that wasn't my own. Here she is 3 years later, running the labyrinth.

Photo Credit: Erin Wrightsman

Photo Credit: Erin Wrightsman

Traditionally one walks the labyrinth. It’s intended to be a centering and contemplative practice. There are no dead ends or blind alleys. There is only one path to the center.

Why Not Home? is coming up on it’s two year anniversary July 4th. I’ve been reflecting a lot about this process with all it’s twists and turns. I didn’t know where I was going when I started, but I have continued on the path. Sometimes like Carmen, I’ve run when maybe I should have walked.

Last night Victoria sent me a Fine Cut with the temporary animations and archive in place. Scenes were trimmed and replaced in some cases. It’s a big milestone and represents a huge amount of work.

There’s still much more to do, but today I am grateful for the journey and thankful for all of you who have walked with me and supported me when I felt like I couldn’t go anymore.