Meet Kathryn

Today I'm happy to introduce our new Outreach Coordinator! She is a home birth mom, doula, and childbirth educator living in the Bay Area with her husband and two year old daughter. We're so happy to have her on the team! We hope each of you will become part of the outreach team in whatever capacity you can. 

Hey guys! I’m Kathryn Orr, the new Outreach Coordinator for Why Not Home? I joined the team this month and have loved connecting with many of you already. I'm excited to see the message of this film spread to communities across the country and around the world. 

Photo credit: Danica Donnelly Photography

Photo credit: Danica Donnelly Photography

I’ve been working on outreach to individuals and organizations invested in improving maternity care who might want to partner with our effort to get this wonderful film out there!

Many of you have already helped in so many ways, but if you're wondering what more you could do, here are the top 7 things you can do right now. Some of them require almost no effort. So if you’ve been watching from the sidelines for a while, or if you donated to the Kickstarter last year and are looking for a new way to help, here's what you can do:

  1. Share about Why Not Home? on your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and invite your friends to like and follow us too. 

  2. Help us connect with universities. Getting this film out to students is a major goal of ours. If you have a connection to a school of nursing, midwifery, medicine, or public health tell them why you think this film is worth showing on campus or send us an e-mail of introduction and we'll take it from there. 

  3. Learn about educational and community screenings coming in 2016! If you want to know more about screening opportunities, fill out this short form and I'll be in touch. 

  4. Do you have a blog? If you have an audience that is interested in this work, write about us! If you’re looking for a guest blogger, our director/producer, also a nurse practitioner and home birth mom, would love to write a blog about what she has learned on this journey.

  5. Share your skills. Do you or someone in your organization have publicity, web, or marketing expertise to share? We are looking for help as we complete post-production and launch this project into the world. Email me at .

  6. Join our mailing list if you haven’t already. You’ll be the first to hear about screenings in your area and get the latest updates and sneak peeks.

  7. Make a donation toward post-production. You knew we would give you an opportunity to support! Why Not Home? is a fiscally sponsored non-profit endeavor through IDA. We have an 80 minute fine cut, but are still raising funds that will allow us to pay outstanding invoices and proceed with the sound mix, color correction, music, and final editing. We have a generous supporter who is matching all funds through the end of August. That means any support is DOUBLED when you do it now. 

Pretty cool, right? With seven choices, there’s something for everyone. Feel free to email me at, or comment below, to let me know which action step you are taking!