Got a Match?

In the past 2 years I've a lot of time trying to raise money to pull this project together and get it to completion. Time I would have rather spent advocating, writing, and actually working on the film, not to mention hanging out with my family. 

The Kickstarter got us through production to the current 80 minute fine cut. Unfortunately it wasn't enough to get it polished and complete. 

Since then fundraising has been stagnant. We have raised just over $1000 in the past 2 months. Our entire budget has been from individual support. We don't have any corporate donors or sponsors. We only have people like you who care about this subject and want to see this story told. 

One supporter believes in this project so much that she has offered to extend matching funds through the end of August. We have people ready to do the work of finishing, but it won't happen without some more cash.

I can work for free because my primary job is as a Nurse Practitioner, but I'm working with film professionals. Filmmaking is how they pay the bills. 

Image Credit: Erin Wrightsman

Image Credit: Erin Wrightsman

We need $32,000 to finish post-production and pay outstanding invoices. With matching funds that means our goal is $16,000 in the next 7 days. It's a lot of money, but this is still a very low budget endeavor. To give you some context, a low budget independent film is considered anything less than $250,000. 

If we meet this goal we can get back to editing in September and do the final mix and online in October/November. If we don’t meet this goal, everything gets pushed back.

One way to support AND guarantee a screening in your community in 2016 is to purchase a public or educational screening license. Fill out this form for more details. 

Donations of $35 or more get you an early preview of the film and a digital download for personal use when it is released. 

In a nod to the Kickstarter days, you can watch our progress on Facebook and Instagram throughout the week.

When you click here to support you are promoting informed choices and evidence based, woman centered care across birth settings.

Click here and do all that PLUS get a tax deduction. 

If you still aren't sure, read what people who've seen the fine cut have to say about it here.  And remember, every dollar will be matched through August 31st.

Thank you!